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What's on Your List?

If you’re like me, at the beginning of this year you set some goals for yourself that you’d like to achieve by year end. I think better eating and more exercise have been on my list for the past five years. There are also some projects around my house that I vowed to tackle this year. In addition, I had some other personal projects I wanted to complete.

As a matter of practice, I’m good at making lists…grocery lists…to do lists…packing lists. In fact, when we go on vacation, my husband laughs at me, because during the weeks leading up to the vacation, I’m busy making a list of what to pack. The results speak for themselves. I usually have everything I need (and more). He, on the other hand, often has to find the nearest convenience store, once we arrive at our destination.


In my estimation, lists work. They give you a measuring stick. They help you monitor your progress. When you complete everything on your list, you feel a sense of accomplishment. This year, I turned 40 and there was a series of things in my mind that I wanted to accomplish. As long as they were swirling around in my mind, I couldn’t see how they would all get done. It all started to feel a bit overwhelming, so I reached out to a good friend and asked her to be my coach. She helps people translate their visions into reality for a living. In my conversation with her I asked her to treat me like a client, not like a friend…and she did.

My assignment after our first consultation was (you guessed it) to write a list. Write down my goals. I had to make them specific, measureable and attainable. Next we worked together on a timeline. This put a fire under me. Not only did she treat me like a client, I also acted like a client. I didn’t take her time for granted, but I made sure I had my deliverables each time we met. At the end of our contracted period, I had physical evidence of my accomplishment.

What grand ideas are swirling around in your head? Is it to start a business or improve your physical health? Maybe it’s to spend more time alone with God, read more or meditate more. Whatever it is, I encourage you to write down your goals. Make them specific. Make them measureable and make them attainable. As long as they’re in your head, you give the enemy more opportunity to discourage you. So write your vision, and write it plainly. According to Habakkuk 2:2-3, if you’ll right it down, your vision will speak and not prove false. It may take a while, but wait for it! When it comes to pass, others will look at it, and it will give them encouragement to run with and something to run after.

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