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You got me, Daddy?

A couple years ago my husband, son and I went on a family cruise. The cruise was organized by my cousins to celebrate my aunt and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary. It was a time of great celebration. One of my fondest memories is of the excursion my family took called the dolphin experience. During this excursion you’re given the chance to personally interact with a dolphin. We learned hand signals to get them to rise out of the water. We danced with the dolphin and even got a chance to be photographed kissing one.

When we first arrived we were given safety instructions and provided with a life jacket. We entered into the pool where the dolphins were, and the strength of the current was immediately apparent. The pool was little more than an enclosed portion of the ocean near shore, so we were able to feel all of the waves from the ocean as they came into shore.

I have minimal to no swimming ability, so this amount of water made me very uncomfortable. I could tell that my son, J.R., was uncomfortable as well. I could see the terror in his eyes. My husband was carrying him, and as we drifted further out to where the experience was to take place, I could see his tiny hands increasing their grip around my husband’s neck.

We were almost in position, when I heard J.R. ask, “You got me daddy?” My husband replied, “I’ve got you. I won’t let you go.” What I saw next, has stuck with me to this day. J.R. responded by saying, “Okay,” and immediately he relaxed in my husband’s arms. Before I knew it, he was laughing and asking when it would be his turn to kiss the dolphin. When it was his turn, he


fearlessly interacted with the dolphin and took several pictures giving the dolphin sweet kisses.

I remember thinking, “This is how God wants us to go through life.” When He invites us on a life excursion, He wants us to enjoy the experience and rest in the assurance of knowing that He has us. He’s never left us, and He won’t start now. Just as J.R. trusted his daddy’s word, we can take God at His word. If He called us to it, it will see us through it!

We have some great pictures from that vacation. Not only that, but J.R. has some wonderful memories. Every now and then, he asks me if I remember when we went on the cruise ship and he kissed the dolphin. Next, he’ll say, “It was so much fun. I really want to do that again!”

How many adventures in this life do we miss, because we fail to take God at His word, when He says, “I’ve got you!” How many memorable experiences do we miss out on, because we don’t trust that He will keep us safe and secure? Even when the waves of life rise, and He takes you somewhere you’ve never been, rest in His arms, knowing that He’s got you. He’s never let you go, and He won’t start now!

Let’s Pray: Thank you God for holding on to me and for never letting go!

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